Woodworking machinery industry winter long or short, where 2019 road

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

the winds in winter will come, reshuffle

every industry will face the cold winter, as a carpenter's robots, from entering the industry was supposed to be ready at the beginning of the response & other; Winter & throughout; In the preparation.

woodworking machinery from scratch, from there to, after the rapid development of the early, is bound to usher in adjustment and shuffle, differentiation phenomenon is serious. With more and more tend to specification, woodworking machinery industry have a certain scale and have their own characteristic brand, affected by the market to the outside world is small, slowing growth; On the contrary, without a marketing advantage, scale is too small, small brand operation enterprises will be forced out in the cold winter. So, woodworking machinery enterprise must strengthen the foundation, the enhancement enterprise's core competitiveness, to operate in the market competition.

winter is not confined to the length of time, is struggling or marched, more is not depends on the national policy and the change of market environment, but their own strain in the winter.

woodworking machinery industry

woodworking machinery decorate rendering

any industry has been the growth of the brutal era, agriculture products is the adoption of the brand. Final bill or consumer, after all. If the IP has been formed through long-term products intensive cultivation, can be continuously accumulated user assets, finished product at a premium, the value of the brand in the market, also fear the cold winter.

year-end feedback according to the number of woodworking machinery enterprises, there are companies with mediocre years market experience negative growth; But there are also companies said sales did not appear larger market volatility, sales grow only slowly. The fate of different, really sorry. The so-called & other; Winter period & throughout; In years will not change, now a final verdict may be too early, but the year is at hand.
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