Woodworking machinery inspection and methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Before the inspection and the method of woodworking machinery of woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery must be placed on the basis of appropriate, and in accordance with the manufacturer's manual leveling. For lubrication and temperature rise under normal working state evaluation of equipment, at the time of inspection, according to the provisions of the conditions of use and manufacturing plants will be idle running of equipment, equipment parts to achieve the proper temperature. Woodworking machinery. Geometry precision of test can be stopped after the equipment under the static or idle running. When the rules of a load, should stop by loading rules. Appearance inspection: the inspection items of the visual inspection in our country, divided into 11 woodworking machinery and plywood machinery article 9, in which content is the same. 1, appearance looks should not have a pattern for the rule of convex, concave, rough and other defects. 2, shield should level off, should not be warped, highlight and sag. 3, spare parts exposed on the surface of the separation of the edge should be uniform, symmetry, the wrong side and not allow weighing should not be beyond the rules. Door, the separation of the cover from the equipment surface should be nicely, except as otherwise rules product specification or technical documents, the joint gap values should not be greater than the rule. 4, should not have knock against exposed parts appearance, corrosion, screws, rivets, pin end may not be sprain, defects such as hammer injury. 5, the metal wheel rim and super longitudinal handle appearance should be rust layer. 6, plating parts, blue, black color should be divided, protective layer can not have faded, and phenomena. 7, electric, hydraulic, smooth, cooling, adjustable for plastic box of exposed pipe of thermal system, should be compact layout, arrangement of uniform, easy to operation and maintenance, the application of pipe clamp fixed when necessary. 8, the exposed parts raw appearance should be coated with paint. 9, all kinds of signs should be clear and durable, designer should be fixed in the obvious position. The sign of the fixed position should be correct, smooth solid, not tilt. 10, exposed the weld should trim flat, on average. 11, into the sink hole screw should not highlight parts appearance, between the head and sink holes should not have obvious eccentric, fixed pin should be slightly prominent and parts appearance, ordinary bolt end should be slightly prominent and nut facing. A: woodworking machinery inspection and method next article: how to improve the woodworking cold press bearing's life?
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