Woodworking machinery lathe gear failure how to return a responsibility?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Wood lathe is the best tool, when workers in the processing of wood is the most important of woodworking factory processing equipment. Problems if it light effect on the quality of processed products, or cannot be used directly, either way is not what we want results. So even if the maintenance and maintenance of the wood lathe is all we can do best. But if the problem we should also be timely solve, today we'll learn the cause of his gear failure analysis and solution. Wood lathe operation is mainly rely on the gear to rotate the gear if there is a problem, wood lathe will not work. Wood lathe gear failure mainly by agglutination, wear, broken teeth, pitting four forms, below I will give you to simply introduce the four failure modes respectively, hoping to help you: agglutination: when the gear at high speed, large load or under the condition of lubrication failure, direct contact with the two tooth surface formation of local high temperature contact region appear large-area adhesion phenomenon, for gluing. Wear: gear transmission process, the relative sliding on the surface of the tooth will cause wear and tear; Broken teeth: is in gear transmission due to various reasons, one or more broken tooth gear failure; Pitting: gear transmission process, the contact stress of gear contact each point on the surface of a pulsating cycle change, after a period of time, due to the contact surface of metal fatigue and the formation of a small fatigue crack, crack extension caused by metal flake, form pitting; We can be reasonable lubrication, to delay or prevent the failure of the gear. In daily production operation process, to regularly check the equipment, to keep in the best condition, the numerical control woodworking lathe can better service for production. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe gear failure of the entire content of the four forms, welcome everybody to continue to visit our website, learn more wood lathe using and maintenance of information waiting for you to pay close attention to.
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