Woodworking machinery lathe work is often encountered problems

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
In the use of wood lathe, often can meet a lathe irregular vibration, and sound is very big, this is how to return a responsibility? What's the solution? The biggest reason is the cutting material is wrong, thimble, center set, tailstock thimble the three points is not in the same line. Solution: adjust the feeding position. ChengPinCuXiDuHeChangDuChengGuiLvXingBianHua :原因驱动故障解决方法更换驱动。 Check drive fault method can then click on the 'zero' button to stop after each shaft for a precise marking machine. Cycle will then processed multiple times, each time inspection tag dislocations, if the regularity of change, you can drive failure. Change the center cover, center set within 2 mm diameter smaller than column diagonal belong to normal more than 2 mm, head will be motor difficult walk. Lathe processing of the products in the workers did not smooth reason: tool has no good solution, the two sides will be v-shaped tool cutting grinding of symmetry. Point on the grinding wheel grinding to 0. 6 mm flat to the oil stone to fine grinding edges, on both ends to point in the U shape of the first match. Processing of the products appear step corrugated reason: the slider or ball screw, poor lubrication can be used in the numerical control woodworking lathe power state hand rotating screw, if uneven resistance or resistance can judge is the guide rail slider or ball nut
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