Woodworking machinery machine operators need to pay attention to the six major matters

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Now, our life is becoming more and more efficiency, more and more is also high to the requirement of mechanical, we gradually eliminated the low mechanical efficiency, on the basis of the original machinery to make some improvements, greatly improving the mechanical efficiency, but at the same time of efficiency, need we to good operation. For efficient machinery if improper operation will bring us some losses, even will damage our body, so people should pay attention to the following points when using wood lathe, your attention. 1, non-professional personnel shall not open the cupboard door, open the electrical cabinet must be confirmed before the total power switch turned off the machine. Only professional maintenance personnel are allowed to open cupboard door, electricity to electricity maintenance. 2, in addition to some parameters for users to use and can change, other system parameters and the parameters of the spindle, servo and so on, the user cannot modify secretly, otherwise will bring equipment, artifacts, such as personal injury to the operator. PLC program, machine tool is a machine tool manufacturer of machine tool on the demand of design, does not need to be modified. Incorrect modify, machine tool operation may cause the damage of the machine tool, and even hurt the operator. 4, machine tool operation, and maintenance personnel must have the corresponding professional knowledge of the machine tool professionals or through technical training of personnel, and according to the safety operating procedures and safety operation regulations operation of machine tool. After 5, modify the parameters, to carry on the processing for the first time, under the condition of machine tool and workpiece in not use machine lock, trial operation, in the form of single procedures section and confirm the machine before using the machine properly. 6, recommended machine run continuously up to 24 hours, if the continuous running time is too long will affect the service life of electric system and some mechanical devices, which would affect the accuracy of machine tools. That is about machine tool operators need to pay attention to the six items of all knowledge, all understand? I hope it can help you.
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