Woodworking machinery maintenance and maintenance of all round

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
HaiRong woodworking machinery with Ann about the daily maintenance and maintenance of all round. China is the producer of wooden floor, all the usage of is big but all of this equipment routine maintenance and not all users are clear, make a lot of all is not beyond the use fixed number of year is a lot of problems,. (1), new transmission of gear oil should be replaced in the normal use after a month, near oil oil added to the mirror. Every time after oil change in the machine work about 2000 hours. In 90 the amount of oil or other common gear oil. (2) feeding universal joint play once a month butter lubrication. Slider bar plate, knife shaft lifting activities such as site once every week to add oil, lubrication and rust. (3) a day before coming off work should be cleaning under the bed and lathe bed sawdust, flat belt transmission belt should clean up more, anti-slip burned to death. Some super wide, variant material handling first all round into the processing. (4) the conditional manufacturers will produce round plate and the product can be divided into two machines do, lest affect accuracy. All other production plate, trimming knife most like the back of the small gate above 0. 1 mm, so can reduce little wear and tear by the gate. (5) adjustment or shift should be to adjust the level of machine. 6. All round pressure at 0. 3 to 0. 4 mpa, shoulds not be too big or too small, the cylinder should be lower as far as possible in order to increase the scope of activities,.
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