Woodworking machinery manufacturer of band saw blade replacement method

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturers, band saw blade replacement when you open up and protect door, loosen the skateboard set screw, rotating band sawing machine lifting the handwheel, make the saw wheel fell, the saw blade is loose, remove the old saw blade, grinding saw blade fixed set on saw wheel up and down, pay attention to the direction of the acute Angle downward will band saw serrate, don't turn on, then turn the elevating handwheel, make saw wheel on the rise, tension band saw blade. Saw wheel rotation, with the hand again see if band sawing machine saw all the dew outside of saw wheel rim profile, such as not to reveal that should then saw wheel to adjust, until the band saw serrate above rim, walking on the edge of the saw wheel up and down smoothly, and perpendicular to the work surface. In addition, the band saw woodworking machinery manufacturer of saw blade tensioning device * * two points, spring and pressure, base tensioning degree should be determined according to the saw blade width, thickness, speed, etc. In general, when the pressure to move by hand saw blade, saw blade bending to 3. 2 ~ 6. It is advisable to between 4 mm.
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