Woodworking machinery manufacturer sawing machine guideway lubrication purpose

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Woodworking machinery manufacturers for woodworking sawing machine, the purpose of guide rail lubrication is to reduce the friction resistance and friction and wear, to avoid the low speed crawl and reduce the high temperature when the temperature rise. So it is important to guide rail lubrication. For slide guide, the use of lubricating oil, and rolling guide, the lubricating oil or grease. Guide rail oil lubrication generally adopt automatic lubrication, our woodworking machinery manufacturer in the operation should pay attention to check on the diverter valve in automatic lubrication system, if it fails will guide can't automatic lubrication. In addition, the woodworking machinery manufacturers must do daily inspection guide rail lubricating oil tank, if the oil amount is not enough, you should add lubricating oil in time. At the same time should pay attention to check whether the lubricating oil pump is able to start and stop regularly, and pay attention to check whether the timer is started to provide lubricating oil. The lubrication effect of guide rail for the normal operation of woodworking machinery manufacturers sawing machine has a great influence, keep good lubrication sawing machine can run more smoothly.
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