Woodworking machinery manufacturers, how to do a good job of numerical control woodworking car clean

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
In wood processing industry has played a very important role in numerical control woodworking lathe, so want to use the need to make a series of numerical control woodworking lathe work, including not only in use, it should also be included in the numerical control woodworking lathe cleaning job, only we do the above job in the future use in the process of better use of it. So today let's take a look at CNC woodworking lathe should how to do the cleaning. Before we introduced a lot of relevant numerical control woodworking lathe matters needing attention in the use process, as well as its maintenance and maintenance knowledge, really of great help to our production and provides the science and technology, will pay attention to when using some phenomenon and use Cheng Gui. Have you noticed the above tool to maintain? In fact CNC woodworking lathe tool is the main executor of it if there is a problem the whole work will not be very good finish. So the numerical control woodworking lathe reminds you to timely to your tool for maintenance. 1, maintain the cleanness of the cutting tool, use standard industrial special solvents to remove dirt, wood, resin and other sundry. 2, apply an appropriate amount of oil can prevent the tool surface rust and damage. 3, do not do STH without authorization knife tools and change the configuration of the cutting tool, otherwise it is easy to cause of blade fracture, produce inductrial injury accident. 4, after each operation should be check the tool wear condition, if it is found that the wear serious phenomenon change in time. 5, for serious abrasion tool machine we want to make a careful check, find out the reason and timely adjustment. All these points above are the problems should be noticed in the process we use, especially in cutting tools in use process, we don't notice of cutting tool and pay attention to your personal safety, want to know more detailed content can come to our company website to view more detailed knowledge of the content.
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