Woodworking machinery manufacturers of circular saw machine maintenance requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Circular saw machine is one of a kind of commonly used woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery manufacturers to ensure that the circular saw machine is in the best working condition, reasonable maintenance they need before using and maintenance. Specific requirements are as follows: 1, look look. All parts are intact, woodworking machinery manufacturers guarantee safety device to make it safe and reliable. 2, check the oil amount of oil. Is the oil oil amount, we will strictly according to the lubrication chart live oil ( Fat) Properly, and maintenance of oil, oil flow. No rust, no root oil, 'yellow robe' sliding surface strain scratches. 3, look at power supply. Woodworking machinery manufacturer to check the power supply circuit, look for short circuit, electrical wiring, electrical device belongs to the normal state of electricity. 4, make the circular saw machine, it can only be idle running, also can not direct operation, operation time was about ten minutes later, check and adjust the various parts of the main drive, operating normally. When the above four aspects are conform to the requirements, we can start normal woodworking machinery manufacturers use circular saw machine.
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