Woodworking machinery manufacturers operating woodworking lathe what are the problems need attention?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Wood lathe is indispensable mechanical equipment, it can improve the operation efficiency for the enterprise, and bring good economic benefits. But to do this, you must to do woodworking lathe grasp skilled. Small make up today is to introduce you to wood lathe operation need to pay attention to the problem. 1, every fixed pport of woodworking machine tool operation, the operator must pass a test qualified, hold the machine of the equipment operation certificate before operation; No fixed personnel operating woodworking machine, they also make the machine tool's 'equipment operation card' before using machine tools. 2, conscientiously implement the following woodworking machine general rules: work conscientiously do before: pport fixed operation of machine tool operators read hand-over records, understand the class machine tool operation situation and existing problems. Check the machine and work on the scene, as has nothing to do with work stuff to clear. Check the safety protection device is complete in good condition. No action without protection device of machine tools. 3, check the operation in the non-work position. Check appliances with closed box, electrical grounding is good. Check the lubrication oil amount, good seal oil storage areas. Oil, oil cup, nozzle is complete, correct installation, oil eye without clogging. According to the lubrication chart rules for refueling. Parking more than one class of machine tools short run test, confirm the operation rear can normal work. 4, work conscientiously do: fixed a staff operating machine tools, the operator stick to jobs, serious operation, do not do things has nothing to do with the job. Stop when you leave the machine tool, cut off power supply. Did not return in the machine tool operation, after using personnel have the machine tool, parking, cut off power supply. Cutting tools, wood clamping correct, tighten solid. Mechanical variable speed drive and feed, must leave workpiece after parking in the cutting tool. 5, pay attention to the wood must not have nails, protected from damage to the cutter. Pay close attention to the workings of the machine tool, lubrication condition, temperature, sound, found to have any abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop check, troubleshooting again after work. Machine accident immediately stop, keep the scene of the accident, the relevant departments of the analysis report. 6, work conscientiously do: put the operating handle in non-working position, cut off power supply. Wipe machine, cleaning work area. Pport fixed operation of machine tools found in the machine tool operation class problem into hand-over sheet, to do a good job of succession. Above is the wood lathe in need to pay attention to some problems in the process of operation, hope to be of service.
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