Woodworking machinery manufacturers, the machine inspection requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
1, woodworking machinery manufacturers operating system should be sensitive and reliable, and configuration action buttons, hand wheel, lever should be complete, the reaction should be sensitive. The instructions in the instrument data should be accurate; 2, variable speed system shift should be freely, there should be no jumping gears; The gear speed should be normal; 3, the transmission system operation should be smooth, there should be no abnormal shock, vibration, crawling, channeling, noise, overtemperature and overpressure; Drive belt should be in good condition, should not be damaged, elastic should be moderately; 4, mechanical installation should be solid, keep horizontal position; 5, appearance should be clean, there should be no oil dirties and obvious rust; 6, institutions should be complete, parts should be complete, connection should be reliable; 7, the guide rail and working face should not be serious wear and tear, bruised, deformation. Woodworking machinery factory is in the process of woodworking machinery operation has certain risk, therefore, check the machine woodworking machinery operation to provide a guarantee for our safety!
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