Woodworking machinery mold polishing what method

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Woodworking machinery mold polishing what method

mould polishing:
it is well known, plastic die steel need to be a very good polishing skills to reflect the nature of material properties, but polishing problem has been the enterprise cannot be fundamentally solved a problem. Hashimoto industry has reached the high quality demand of the customers by grinding technology. Increased social technology, creating a cannot follow the mirror finishing effect, from the advice on the use of steel to the tiny hole to solve problems, and all kinds of precision parts of complex shape, HASHIMOTO HASHIMOTO are available.

is one of the biggest problems in the polishing & quot; Excessive polishing & quot; , polishing excessive refers to the polishing time and the mould surface quality is poor. 福建省长方光过多时语句两种现象,即&好歌; Orange peel & quot; And & quot; Crater & quot; And polishing excessive develops in mechanical polishing.

found that the surface quality is bad, many people will increase the polishing pressure, and to extend the time of polishing, and polishing processes improper, will often make table quality worse.

” Crater & quot;
' Crater & quot; Or & quot; Sand holes & quot; Is due to the formation of steel grade non-metallic impurities ( Impurities) , usually the hard and brittle oxide; In the polishing process from the steel surface is pulled out, form & quot; Crater & quot; Or & quot; Sand holes & quot; 。

” Orange peel & quot;
irregular, rough surface is called & quot; Orange peel & quot; To produce & quot; Orange peel & quot; There are many different reasons. Woodworking machinery is the most common reason is due to the polishing pressure and polishing time is too long, and improper polishing method, etc.
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