Woodworking machinery nc lathe in the cleaning of mechanical parts

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking industry in our country plays an important role in various industries, in order to better use woodworking CNC lathe must learn maintenance and cleaning work. So in order to remove the old oil, rust layer on the surface of the common machine tool parts and paint, cleaning often according to the following method. Together we look at some of the major which some cleaning steps. Preliminary cleaning including removing old oil, rust layer on the surface of the parts and paint, etc. 1, go to the old oil, with bamboo or soft metal from scratch in the parts under the old oil or use degreasing agent to remove oil. 2, degreasing, in degreasing agent 5 - the small parts 15 lllin; Larger metal surface with a clean cotton cloth or cotton yarn dip dip in stripping agent and scrubbing; General container or inner surface of pipe irrigation degreasing, every irrigation time not less than 15 min. The inner surface of the large container with nozzle spray degreasing agent to wash. 3, derusting. Slight pitting thoroughly cleanse, to present the original metallic luster; For moderate rusty spot should be in the surface smooth. Should try to keep the slip plane of the joint surface and the surface roughness and matching accuracy. After cleaning, application or clean gasoline, kerosene and divided by a moderate amount of grease or antirust oil. To paint. Commonly used to paint method has the following kinds: rough machining surface are usually adopt the method of chipped; Coarse and fine machining surface can use cloth dipped in gasoline or banana oil rub to remove; The processing surface is rugged ( Such as screw, the gear surface) When using a wire brush or with wire brush. Cleaning with detergent or hot oil, ordinary machine tool parts after cleaning, to paint. The application of cleaning agents will be processed on the surface of the pulp are rinsed clean. Part of the original grease, after preliminary cleaning, such as there are still a lot of grease, available hot oil scald, but oil temperature shall not exceed 1 ° C. Cleaning, general machine tools on the surface of the old oil, rust, paint after wash, use compressed air to blow (first To save gas) , then use kerosene or rinse clean gasoline vehicles. Through the above steps, we can better use the woodworking nc lathe, if you are in the process of woodworking CNC lathe using need to know more knowledge, can to our company website to view more knowledge.
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