Woodworking machinery operation should pay attention to what

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Woodworking machinery operation should pay attention to what

when operating woodworking machinery should pay attention to the following:

a, woodworking machinery must personnel management;

2, safety protection device must be complete and reliable, the operation is not allowed to remove;

3, are not allowed to wear gloves when operating, no maintenance, gas cleaning in operation and adjustment;

4, processing before old wood nails, grey scale removal must be clean;

5, daily work, must live out a clear, intermittent electric, lock switch box;


7, woodworking sawing machine before the start, may not contact, and saw a sawing the strength should be uniform, not too hard;

deviate eight line, such as saws, should be gradually corrected, may not be too fierce, in order to avoid damage the blade. Such as being sawed material stuck saw blade, should immediately stop processing;

9, the operator shall not stand in the face and saw blades rotating centrifugal force direction of the operation, the arm shall not cross the saw blade;

ten, saw blades at high temperature, water cooling;

11, saw machine to keep clean, saw broken material on the surface of the table must be cleared at any time, but it is strictly prohibited to use hand may directly. Sawdust or adjust the parts, must be conducted after the mechanical stop again. It is strictly prohibited to mechanical cleaning, adjusting work during operation;

12 are not allowed to use the material to press the saw blade, parking, stopped after dry water to prevent blade rust;
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