Woodworking machinery process characteristics?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
One, for woodworking machinery for cutting and processing, a general tool when the workpiece cutting speed is relatively high, generally to vibrate at the same time. The noise is big. Second, a general woodworking machinery manufacturing precision is compared commonly low. Three, for woodworking machinery of a knife shaft of a rotating speed is high, and the inertia is relatively large, so for the difficulty of the brake is also pretty obvious effect. Four, for me a of the woodworking machinery in its hand in the process of an operation is compared commonly big, at the same time for a labor intensity is very large. With the rapid development of economic construction and engineering technology, mechanical woodworking industry in China from a large number of imported foreign advanced technology gradually turn to independent research and development of interior design phase, it is easy to find, in recent years, all kinds of high quality, high precision and automation of the numerical control technology widely used. The improvement of numerical control technology to the modernization of woodworking machinery brought rapid momentum. A: how to improve the woodworking tool wear resistant? A: what advantage CNC cutting machine
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