Woodworking machinery reached the international level

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Woodworking machinery reached the international level

Chinese woodworking machinery has been established from the research, development, production and sales of a complete system.

we say in the mouth of wood furniture is to use woodiness material appliance. Also can be divided into: frame type furniture and board two kinds big. A typical structure of mortise and tenon joint structure, frame type furniture materials for natural solid wood, lumber, for example: annatto furniture, bright type furniture, solid wood eat desk and chair, etc. And typical refers to man-made board to board type furniture material, use the way such as fitting, round a tenon connection structure of furniture.

woodworking machinery: is the feature of high speed cutting, the manufacturing precision of parts is relatively low, woodworking machine noise level higher, woodworking machine generally does not need cooling device and so on.

as a few years furniture wood floor production enterprise product upgrades, user when choosing woodworking machinery and equipment, foothold products tend to focus on the country. This is because the current domestic woodworking machinery overall technical level is close to the foreign advanced level, our country woodworking machinery production enterprise with the advanced international standards in strict accordance with the national standards and industry standards organization of production, to ensure the advancement of domestic woodworking machinery.

woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country has made unremitting efforts in create high-end products and fruitful. Such as: Shanghai production from 30000 to 80000 cubic meters of high density fiberboard production line equipment has the international first-class technical level and so on.
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