Woodworking machinery safety in production process operation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

woodworking machinery general provisions and requirements of

the preparing work before woodworking machinery operation

and personnel work before, to fasten the clothes and fill 다, manage their skirts, forbidden gloves homework; Keep long

send must wear working cap, long hair may not be exposed.

, before opening woodworking machinery machinery operators need to add lubricating oil, the first trial, after waiting for each parts working properly, before


  . , check each movement of the woodworking machine parts have a trouble-free and damage equipment of other objects.

and check the machine operating handle switch in the specified location, is sensitive and reliable operation.

and inspect transmission system, tears slide system, electrical equipment are in good condition, whether the guide surface clean with oil.

, set in a detector is spring in love, and timely handle the

. And check the safety, each part of the protective device is reliable and effective.

, before start the machine, check the dao bei, saw blade and the saw blade purple suitability, turning the party

to is correct.

  . , open the vacuum cleaner before driving, ensure the workspace city environment is good, the line of sight jie norm of rear can start operation.

  . Flat plane machine should be prior to the plane of wood on the nail, grey scale after debris removal, with ice and snow in


  . Gunner electric drill before operation, the operator should check whether the leakage phenomenon, and good insulation hand

sets, the ship rubber or foot to operate on a template.

  . First idling minutes after, boot, can not have vibration and sound.

  . , everything is normal rear can start work on woodworking machinery machine tools.
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