Woodworking machinery safety operation of knowledge

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking machinery safety operation of: 1, without safety protection devices or failure of the machine shall not be used. 2, it is forbidden to wear gloves when operating woodworking machinery, and should be tied tightly cuffs, manage their skirts, fasten the button, the female comrade must wear working cap, long hair may not be exposed. 3, the processing of wood can not have nails, wire, hinge and stone, sand and other sundry, otherwise should be completely clear in advance. 4, with a crack ( Oblique layer) Don't too fast, and the knot of the material, feed and as far away from the hand cutting tools. 5, carry timber should pay attention to the front and back, left and right have no obstructions, etc. ; Stacked high wood, must use cramp nail up, in case of an accident. 6, with wood, iron hook lifting hook should be inserted into the wood, and shall not hook in the wood surface. In case of wood down cause an accident. 7, the workplace is strictly prohibited fireworks, and set up the necessary fire fighting equipment; Smoking and have glue should be at the specified location, after the glue should be thoroughly extinguished embers, otherwise no writes a boil glue location. 8, after completion of work, cut off the power, and to clean up the wood shavings, sawdust, etc with a broom, are not allowed to be directly with the hand wipe brush.
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