Woodworking machinery safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

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. Must abide by the related rules and regulations of the company.

. It is strictly prohibited to fireworks, workplace must be equipped with fire fighting equipment in accordance with the regulations.

. Operator training has been head of education, understand mechanical equipment structure, performance and use, to master the use, maintenance, maintenance, safety production and other technical knowledge to mount guard. Circuit fault must be ruled out by a professional electrician.

. During the work may not play mobile phone, playing KeShui, play, play, play CARDS, play chess and so on, has nothing to do with the job more not allowed to leave the work post, are not allowed to be on duty after drinking, such as physical discomfort and report to supervisor timely apply for vacation.

. It is forbidden to wear slippers to work, it is forbidden to wear gloves to do mechanical work, homework homework personnel in accordance with the provisions, the proper use of labor protection articles.

. Carefully before operating the inspection tools, equipment, security equipment are in good condition and in presence of foreign bodies, after the confirmation in good condition and without foreign body boot device.

. Must be after commissioning at least minutes before operation, check parts working properly converted, safe and reliable safety protection device is rear can work. Before starting of clutter in the machinery and feet around areas must be cleaned, ground plate in the assignments section when necessary.

. Place objects on mechanical equipment working mesa is prohibited. Mechanical adjustments shall be made to the department manager responsible for arrangement, it is strictly prohibited in the installation mould or adjust the power on time.

. Banned in equipment operation or cut off power supply, but still, when the inertia is running his blade out of wood, cleaning equipment, excluding ( Wood dust) And wood.

. Chain, the leakage transmission parts such as gears and belts, you must install shield and shield.

. Not mechanical operator is allowed without the permission of the head of the use of equipment, the electrical circuit professionals shall not change without permission, mechanical equipment operators are not allowed to be operation has nothing to do with his work.

. Any abnormal or appeared in the process of mechanical operation failure, must immediately stop check power, confirm the mechanical ability after normal operation.

. Homework must be cut off power supply, door lock box.

. Timely cleaning machine mesa of sawdust, forbidden by hand cleaning, wood chips should be stored to the designated place.

. Must be checked daily equipment are in good condition, power supply, wire lines need to be by a professional electrician personnel damage repair.

. Such as illegal operation behavior, any employee can report to the superior processing by the chapter and give report person appropriate rewards.

. Casualty accident, should be actively rescue treatment of the injured at the same time, timely report to superior and administrative department, and to protect the good scene, when the production license, within a certain range to suspend production.
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