Woodworking machinery, sanding machine, common faults and screening methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Woodworking sander in woodworking machinery in the running process, often appear some fault, but these should be ruled out in time, but woodworking sander abnormal if mishandled, could affect the production, and increase the cost. This requires operators must be familiar with the operating rules, skilled operation, eliminate in a timely manner. Some fault found not serious, but if you don't make appropriate treatment, the result will be a big failure, serious impact on production. In the face of the sanding machine common faults are analyzed. 1, the abrasive belt running deviation, generally due to improper adjustment, normal abrasive belt swing should be the swing is 15 20 mm, swing frequency of 15 - 20 times/min, the pendulum and put into the pose moderate speed. If in abnormal state, time grows, running deviation phenomenon may occur, especially the speed into pose, are more likely to cause abnormal downtime phenomenon; Damage of photoelectric switch, electromagnetic valve damage, damage of swinging cylinder cylinder. Aspiration, high dust concentration will affect the normal cell, also cause sand belt running deviation; Should be timely replacement of damaged parts, to improve dust removal effect. 2, limit failure, the abrasive belt both limited position switch, when the abrasive belt failure, ran side slants, touch the limit switch, abrasive belt loosen, main motor automatically stop, which can effectively protect the abrasive belt. Once the limit failure can cause damage of abrasive belt, Mars friction rack, even cause fire. Therefore limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable. 3 wrinkle, abrasive belt, abrasive belt, once the wrinkling were unable to use, generally there are three possible abrasive belt corrugate: sand roll and the tension roll wear, grinding and repair roller; Soft abrasive belt be affected with damp be affected with damp cause wrinkles, can use the way to deal with such as baking to dry; Sanding machine long time not to use the sand roller surface rust rough, abrasive belt swing hard up trend, at this time dealing with the roller cleaning or with a fine sandpaper. 4, abrasive belt, abrasive belt breaking is mainly due to the abrasive belt running deviation, or abrasive belt grinding blunt no change in time, or sand cutting load is too large, or in the process of sand cut in hard objects, or abrasive belt itself quality problem caused. Should try to avoid abrasive belt fracture, or may cause a fire. When an exception occurs, current should have observation of abrasive belt grinding blunt, if it is, it should be replaced in a timely manner. 6, wandering into the board, sliding, rebound, and in the adjustment of the sanding machine for the conveyor roller back pressure on the spring adjustment to two-thirds ( A third left) On conveyor roller and conveyor roller spacing should be less than 1 through the slab thickness. 5 mm or 1 mm, otherwise it will cause the slab wandering or skid. Serious cause rebound, it may hurt the personal safety. 7, replacement of sand with sand after cutting board size change, sanding machine cantilever in lock piece of loose or lock, volatile, normal should be 0. 5 mm or less. If it is too big, when the locking block lock cantilever, the size of the locking force difference can make the cantilever repeat precision difference, cause sand plate size, directly affect the sanding machine sand cutting precision. When happen cantilever error is too big, More than 0. 5毫米) Should twist lock block is fixed bolt appropriate adjustments, in replacement of abrasive belt at the same time, fasten the block strength should be consistent. 8, empty conveyor roller intermittent rotation or not today, at work, generally can't observe the above situation, can only be found when empty, the reason was that the transmission power of worm gear worm gear deceleration wear part or all of the wear and tear. Won't affect the work, but other worm gear due to work load, and shortened life spans, cause greater losses. Therefore, once found this kind of situation, should be replaced immediately. 9, the main bearing vibration anomalies. Under normal circumstances the main bearing vibration is small, the experienced operator can determine whether the normal one, generally has no conditions at the scene measured with instrument, to judge, but can use and other housing contrast can be judged from the sand plate surface quality. When bearing vibration anomalies, can think that there are two reasons, one is the bearing damaged, as long as the replacement of bearings, the second is contact roller wear, garden, destroying original dynamic balance, cause abnormal vibration, this must remove the sand roller for repair. 10, main transmission belt creep, in a Q type and M sand light machine, high-speed flat belt is adopted. This form of transmission in theory than the triangle high transmission efficiency. But in actual use, will produce the belt running deviation or skid phenomenon, this is mainly to improper adjustment. Should be in strict accordance with the belt elongation 1. 5 - Adjust the requirement of 2% and belt tightness on both sides. When after the adjustment according to the requirement, should carry on the test run, especially when the main motor current is a sudden increase, observe whether belt running deviation, if running deviation, should be secondary.
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