Woodworking machinery sealing side machine common failures and solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking machinery sealing side machine, continuous to work under the environment of high temperature is easy out of order, lead to affect the utilization rate of equipment. If equipment operators in unexplained circumstances will think mechanical operation and the wrong fix saw, edge banding machine, precision so should use scientific maintenance and maintenance, can will not substantial electrical troubleshooting, ensure the normal movement of the woodworking machinery. 1. Welding excessive analysis: input work too much energy to solve: 1. Reduce the pressure value. 2. Reduce the welding time. 3. Slow down the decline speed of upper die. 2. Lack of fusion analysis: input work too much energy to solve: 1, increasing the pressure value 2. Lengthen 3 welding time. Use the power of aircraft. 3. Uneven weld analysis 1: workpiece deformation solution 1:1. To examine whether workpiece size differences. 2. Examine the operating condition is caused by deformation of work piece.
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