Woodworking machinery treats the difficult to cure the simple promotion price is not a long-term solution

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

in the face of the cost, the weight of some woodworking machinery enterprise to take the most direct and most effective method of the cost pressure & ndash; — Rise in price. It is understood that in the past two years, a lot of woodworking machinery brand fearless market sales pressure, have raised the prices of some products, and more woodworking machinery enterprise is under pressure to survive have to raise the price of related products. But at the same time, there are also some enterprises hold the woodworking machinery and not with the prices, but hope that through other ways to deal with the situation of rising costs.

woodworking machinery products prices for enterprise, nature is happy, but consumers can pay is not necessarily true. And woodworking machinery enterprise must recognize that raise prices is a kind of representation, it should not be passed on, simply pay by consumers. Behind it also need to woodworking machinery enterprise from product added value, improve technology content, quality, etc, so as to realize the high quality of products, high value-added, high value, high price of progressive deferred.

to find the key point to solve the problem & other; Price & throughout; Become the pronoun of competitiveness

enterprises to truly in the woodworking machinery market back on its feet, there must be to penetrate the market capacity and observation. Conform to the rational development of the market, is the essence of the woodworking machinery industry development and the fierce competition in the woodworking machinery market, now not only the industry reshuffle, consumers' psychology also there has been a marked shift, from & other; Perceptual consumption & throughout; Into & other; Rational consumption & throughout; Favor, cost-effective products.

with the return of consumers' rational consumption, now woodworking machinery product design style is more pay attention to simple and practical, improve the product price become the starting point of the enterprise product development.

at the same time, the industry are put forward for consumers from & other; Value & throughout; To & other; Excellent quality and reasonable price & throughout; The high ratio of woodworking machinery products. In the fierce market competition and shuffle the deck at the same time, high cost performance products became the mainstream of consumption. So, in the face of rising costs, woodworking machinery product price rising enterprise is unable to follow suit blindly, but should be rational analysis, from the source to find the key point to solve the problem, really make cost-effective enterprise one of the most competitive weapon.
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