Woodworking machinery used bearings mainly for spherical roller bearings

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Spherical roller bearing is mainly used in woodworking machinery and other industries, the spherical raceway outer ring and double groove between the inner ring is equipped with spherical roller, according to the different internal structure, divided into R, RH, RHA and SR four types because of outer ring raceway arc center and bearing center consistent, with self-aligning performance, thus can be automatically adjusted because of the shaft or shell buckling or axis deviation caused by different heart can bear radial load and two-way axial load. Especially large radial load capacity, suitable for cone hole under heavy load and impact load bearing by using fasteners or withdrawal can make on the axis of the cone hole installation has the following two ( Taper) : 1:30 ( The auxiliary code: K30) Applies to 240, 241 series 1:12 ( Auxiliary code: K) Apply to other series on the outer ring can open oil hole, groove and positioning pin hole ( A) 。 On the inner ring also can open oil hole and the groove
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