Woodworking machinery used in the numerical control lathe belt transmission characteristics

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Is a lot of industrial machinery with a belt as a movement and power as the main power device, at the same time some woodworking CNC lathe. It then the transmission give us what kind of benefits? In the process of movement of woodworking CNC lathe brings us some what different? The small make up will share to you. All know woodworking CNC lathe is the main machinery and equipment, modern woodworking industry the use of it to a certain extent will decide the processing quality and speed of the wood, so the understanding of it will be good for the use of it. Industrial machinery design transfer movement and power of a belt drive is often used, is suitable for the two axis center distance is bigger, its main characteristic is through the middle flexible parts - — Belt transmission power. Belt V belt, parallel belt, synchronous belt, adjustable belt, etc. , including v-belt transmission in industrial application is very extensive, usually applied range of 50 ~ 100 kw power, ratio of 8 or less, the transmission efficiency of 92% ~ 97%. Compared with gear transmission, it possesses the advantages of simple structure, low cost. Its characteristics are as follows: advantages: 1, with flexible, able to buffer, vibration absorbing, transmission smooth, clean, Without lubrication) , little noise. 2, overload, the belt on the pulley sliding, prevent damage of other parts of the security protection. 3, is suitable for the center distance larger occasion. 4, simple structure, low cost, convenient installation maintenance. 5, belt on the pulley is stable and has good transmission effect. 6, good belt adjustable, adjusted according to the specific processing requirements. But it also exists some disadvantages of 1, belt on the pulley have relative sliding, transmission ratio is not constant. 2, the transmission efficiency is low, with live shorter lives. 3, the transmission profile size large. 4, need tensioning, the shaft supporting pulley and bearing load is bigger. 5, should not be used for high-speed, flammable and so on. Shandong gaomi hong xin da machinery technology co. , LTD. , based on the characteristics of wood processing industry ( Wood shavings, dust is more, poor operation environment) For woodworking CNC lathe products use features, design and develop new woodworking CNC lathe transmission system. Difference between the different parts of the stress intensity and the transmission requirements, respectively adopt synchronous belt, V belt transmission, solved the belt on the pulley of the relative sliding, the disadvantage of transmission ratio is not constant, improve the transmission efficiency and smooth smooth, drive to avoid displacement deviation, high precision positioning, ensure the meticulous. Woodworking CNC lathe using the transmission system, the research and development production uniaxial double CNC automatic lathes, two-axis double automatic woodworking CNC lathe, and four knife numerical control woodworking lathe and double, four biaxial feed milling carving multi-function woodworking CNC machine, single and biaxial five feed with high car milling carving multi-function numerical control woodworking machine. To reduce the production cost, improve the product quality, product price is higher, considerable competitive advantage in the market. If you are interested in this area can be directly to our site to consult.
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