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Woodworking machinery - wood processing machinery equipment


Woodworking machinery refers to wood processing equipment applicable for wood processing of semi-finished products into a class of wood products. Wood furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery.


Woodworking machine tool is ro processing wood object. Wood is one of the earliest raw materials found and used by human beings, which is closely related to the living, walking and using of human beings. Human beings have accumulated rich wood processing experience from their long-term practice. Woodworking machine tools are developed through people's long-term production practice, continuous discovery, continuous exploration and continuous creation.

Wooden furniture refers to a kind of home appliances made of wooden materials. According to its structure, it can be divided into frame furniture and board furniture, in which, there are typical frame furniture structure for the mortise and tenon structure, material for natural solid wood, square material, such as mahogany furniture, ming furniture, qing furniture, solid wood dining tables and chairs. Typical board type furniture is a man-made board from wood, a furniture that means the jointing piece, round tenon to connect.

Woodworking sawing machine and wooden sports car on wooden wheels

Woodworking planer

Woodworking tenon machine, woodworking tenon machine, woodworking milling machine

Woodworking lathes and multi-purpose machine tools

Supporting equipment for wood processing

Furniture manufacturing machinery

Woodworking machien industry categories

1. Log processing machinery

The machines for processing and processing logs, such as wood saw cutting, dehumidifying, etc., which could be operated by large circular saw, belt saw, rotary cutting machine, etc.

2. Plank manufacturing

See Article 2 general woodworking Machinery+ other surface coating equipment.

3. Wood furniture making machinery

Including board furniture, office wood furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, wooden doors, etc. From sawing, molding, copying, drilling, tenon groove, splicing combination, glue coating, paint, to packaging, wooden furniture can be completed by wood mechanical processing.

4. Wooden floor, dado board, wallboard production equipment

The main wood mechanical equipment is armed with single slice saw, planer, double end milling machine, sanding machine, roller coating machine, UV.

According to woodworking machine's processing function, it can be divided into:

1) Wood sawcircular saw also called windmill saw, belt saw, single blade longitudinal saw, multi-blade saw, push table saw, feed saw, double-head saw.

2) Cnc wood cutter: The main equipments are: rotary cutting machine, non-rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine and so on.

3) Cnc wood lathe: Ordinary lathes, copying lathes, backtool lathes, CNC lathes.

4) Cnc wood planer: Ordinary planer, bevel planer, automatic planer.

5)CNC milling machine: Vertical shaft milling, vertical carving machine, lifting carving machine, pneumatic carving machine, trimming machine, double head milling, carding machine, tenon machine, CNC carving machine.

6) Wood sanding machine: Ordinary sander, horizontal sander, vibrating sander, heavy sander, primer sander, elevated sander, special-shaped sander, 1000 impeller sander, sponge wheel sand, disk-type sander, push table sander.

7)Wood drilling machine: There are vertical bench drill, horizontal bench drill, vertical row drill, horizontal row drill, vertical multi-hole drill, single row drill, multi-row drill, hinge special drill.

8)Wood pressure machine: Cold pressing machine, hot pressing machine, pneumatic assembly machine, electric assembly machine, hydraulic assembly machine, lengthening machine, plate splicing machine, glue coating machine.

9) Wood surface treatment machine: Paste machine, edge sealing machine, heat transfer machine, vacuum laminating machine.

10) Wood coating machine: Primer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coating machine, UV dryer, drenching curtain machine, dust removal machine, belt assembly line, paint baking box.

11) Wood treatment machine: Wood drying machine, wood humidity adjustment machine, board repair machine, wood moisture meter, pulse type dust removal system or filter machine.

12) Dust removal system: The dust removal system of woodworking shop is mainly divided into single-machine cloth bag dust collector, small indoor dust removal equipment, large pulse dust removal system.

Trend of industrial woodworking machine
With the continuous development of science and technology, new materials & processes tech of  woodworking machine emerge constantly. Boosted by China's accession to the WTO, China's woodworking machinery equipment level and foreign gap will be shortened gradually, foreign advanced technology and equipment will continue to flood, domestic woodworking machinery, challenges and opportunities will coexist. 

The development of electronic technology, digital control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and high pressure jet technology brought new vitality to the automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration of wood furniture machinery. 

The development trends at home and abroad are as follows:

1) High and new technology is involved in woodworking machinery to promote automation and intelligence. No matter the application of numerical control processing technology in woodworking machinery or the popularization of computer technology, it indicates that high and new technology is advancing to various technical fields. Electronic technology, nanotechnology, space technology, biotechnology and other technologies are or will be widely used in the field of woodworking machinery.

(2) More imitate metal processing means. From the development history of woodworking machinery in the world, wood processing methods tend to assimilate with metal processing methods, such as the emergence of CNC carving machine, for example, as we predict boldly that in the future, wood will be reshaped like forged ingots. More follow the example of metalworking.

From the perspective of domestic development pattern, wood processing enterprises or woodworking machinery and equipment tend to scale up, or they will be eliminated. At the present stage, backward and simple woodworking machinery still has a large market, and many woodworking enterprises are still carrying out labor-intensive operation mode. The future wood processing enterprises must take the road of industrialization and extensive development.


(4) Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood. The shortage of high quality raw materials has become the main reason to restrict the development of wood industry because of the decreasing of forest resources in China and even in the world. The main task of wood industry is to maximize the utilization rate of wood. Developing all kinds of wood-based panel products and improving their quality and application range are the most effective ways to utilize wood resources efficiently. In addition, the utilization rate of wood can be improved to a certain extent by developing the whole tree utilization, reducing processing losses and improving processing accuracy.

(5) Green Environmental Protection as China's government has promoted for the conversion of farmland to forests, natural forest protection project, forestry two major system construction and six projects construction, are wise environmental protection; Since July 1, 2002, wood-based panel product standards have been fully enforced, and production and sales are not allowed if they fail to meet environmental protection requirements. The development of wood processing industry must follow two principles. First, it is to protect the environment, obtain the natural resources to the minimum and reduce the pollution to the environment to the maximum extent. Secondly wood processing products must be harmless to human body or harmful degree control in the lowest range. Accordingly, the woodworking machinery that has vitality in the future and lumber industry product, it is to press ergonomic design necessarily, in accordance with environmental protection requirement.

(6) Improve production efficiency and automation. There are two ways to improve production efficiency: one is to shorten the processing time and cheapen auxiliary time. Shortening processing time, in addition to improve the cutting speed, increases the feeding, the main measures are a process of concentration, because the cutting tool, vibration and noise reasons, the cutting speed and feed cannot be unlimitedly increased, because many knives by type of concentrated with combination of machine tools and machining center has become the main development direction. Such as combined saw, milling, drilling, tenon, sanding and other functions of the double end milling machine; Edge sealing machine combined with a variety of processing techniques; It is a CNC machining center with a variety of cutting processes. To shorten the auxiliary working time is mainly to reduce the non-processing time. The auxiliary working time can be reduced to the minimum by using the machining center with a knife library or the automatic exchange table between the NC assembly line and the flexible processing unit.

Characteristics of wood processing equipment
  • 1) High speed cutting.

  • (2) The manufacturing precision of some parts is relatively low.

  • (3) High noise level of woodworking machine tools.

  • (4) Woodworking machine tools generally do not need cooling devices, but entail chip removal and dust removal devices.

  • (5) The woodworking machine adopts more automatic feeding methods but less NUMERICAL control station processing methods.

Energy saving reconstruction
  • At startup of oodworking machinery, its motor current will be higher than the rated 5-6 times, not only will it affect the service life of motor but also it consumes more electricity. The system in the motor  will have a certain margin while the speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use process, sometimes at a lower or higher speed, the frequency conversion reform is very necessary.

  • The inverter can realize the soft start of the motor, achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and it can provide the equipment with over current, over voltage, overload and other protection functions.

Safe Protection

(1) Woodworking machinery operators must be highly skilled in the construction, performance and operation and maintenance methods of various wood machinery, and msut be responsible for the use of species-designated persons.

(2) When operating woodworking machinery, workers should wear work clothes, tie tight cuffs, female comrades must wear a good working cap, with braids into the cap; Do not wear gloves, scarves, etc.

(3) A test run must be conducted before the machine begins to work, and each component can be started to work only after it operates normally.

(4) Protective covers and protective plates shall be installed on shafts, chains, belt wheels, belts and other operating parts of woodworking machinery.

(5) In case of any abnormal conditions or other faults in the operation of the machine, it shall immediately cut off the power supply and stop for maintenance.

(6) For replacing the planer knife or saw blade, the main power must be cut off. Check the lubrication system of the machine before work every day.

(7) Stop wood machine when cleaning the wood machine workbench.

Troubleshooting analysis

(1) Alarm failure

An overpass alarm indicates that wood machine has reached the limit position during operation. Please follow the following steps for inspection:

1. Whether its designed graphic size is beyond the processing range.

2. Check whether the connection line between the machine motor shaft and the lead screw is loose. If so, tighten the screws.

3. Whether the machine and computer are properly grounded.

4. Whether the current seat value exceeds the soft limit value range.

(2) Overrange alarm and discharge

Distance, all axes are automatically set in dynamic state, as long as always hold the hand the direction key, when wood machine is left limit position (i.e., from the point of overtravel switch) restore the connection at any time when the motions. Pay attention to the direction of the movement when moving workbench far away from the limit position. The soft limit alarm to XYZ can be reset in the coordinate setting.

(3) Non-alarming failure

1. if the repeated machining precision is not enough, check according to item 2 of Article 1.

2. When the computer is running and the machine does not move, check whether the connection head between the computer control card and the electrical box is loose. If so, insert and tighten the fixing screw.

3. If the machine cannot find the signal when returning to the mechanical origin, check according to article 2.

(4) Output failure

1. If no output, please check whether the computer and control box are properly connected.

2. Open the Settings of engraving manager to see if the space is full, and delete the files that are not used in the manager.

3. Check carefully whether all the signal lines are connected if wiring is loose.

(5) Engraving failure

1.Whether the screws in each part are loose.

2.Check that the path you are working on if it is correct.

3. If the file is too large, RESET the computer till it works out

4. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to adapt to different materials (generally 8000-24000)

5. Loosen the chuck of the knife, turn the knife and clamp it tightly. Put the knife right, so as not to make the carving object unclean.

6. Check if the cutter is damaged, replace it with a new one, and re-carve it.

Woodworking site tips

1) The process of using toxic, irritating and inflammable materials should be placed in separate workshopS or arranged on a specially isolated lots, operaters should be equipped with personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment.

(2) The passage for transporting logs, sawn timber and waste materials in the workshop should be equipped with facilities to eliminate draught, such as corridors, foyers, curtains, etc., as well as facilities to prevent the spread of fire, such as automatic fire doors, fire and smoke baffles, water curtains, etc.

(3) When it is necessary to safely reach the position above the equipment in the workshop, protective railings and stairs should be installed. The ground of the workshop and the passage of the overpass shall be laid with non-slip ground.

(4) There shall be no equipment and any line on the commonly used pedestrian passage whose width shall not be less than 1m.

(5) The conveyor belt below the ground shall be covered with a cover plate or a shape-grid protective plate. The surface of the metal plate shall be non-slip. The gap width of the grid protection shall not exceed 30mm.

(6)Sawdust and waste storage tanks shall be placed outside the plant.

Noise reduction measures

If noise level exceeds the provisions of national standards, noise reduction measures shall be taken in construction and layout.

(1) The ceiling of sound absorbing material emcompassing slag cotton sound absorbing board, should be installed in large plant up to 6m high. If width is shorter than height of the tall and long plant, sound absorbing panels should also be installed on both sides of the wall.

(2) When the plant is over 6m high, the ceiling with a suspended ceiling for sound absorption shall be installed above the woodworking machine tool.

(3) If the workshop installed woodworking machine tool noise level is very high, and allow remote operation, the operator can work in the soundproof room.

(4) According to the different noise intensity of woodworking machine tools, appropriate arrangement of each equipment can also achieve the purpose of reducing the noise level. Equipment with the largest noise, such as planer, circular saw, band saw should be arranged separately from other equipment.

Design phase

(1) Improve the cutting tools. For example, improve the tooth shape and structure of circular saw blades. The noise level can be reduced by 10dB(A) when using spiral planer blades or sectional cutters on woodworking planers with A helix Angle of 72& ORDM.

(2)Damping measures are adopted on circular saw blades.

(3)Improve airflow characteristics. For example, holes or comb-like grooves are punched in the lip of

 carpenter's  flat planer.

(4)Choose the best vacuum device to reduce aerodynamic noise.

(5)Vibration reduction and isolation of components.

(6)Vibration reduction and isolation of the workpiece.

(7)If conditions permit, reduce the spindle speed and inlet junction speed.

(8)Coating layer, sound absorption and sound insulation cover are adopted.

(9)Improve the balance accuracy of circular saw blades, planer axes and various rotating bodies.

(10) In order to reduce the circular saw noise, such as saw mouth depth is not big, can use noise elimination device such as iron sound elimination plate. If the saw mouth is very deep, can be made of fluorine plastic spring muffler.

(11) To reduce the idling noise of the flat planer, a positioning gasket with holes can be used.

Wood dryers using dielectric reheating furnace in the workshop. Their high-frequency radiation electromagnetic fields shall comply with relevant regulations.

Safety signs shall be erected in all sections of the plant which are dangerous to workers. Work posts and passages should not be obstructed by billets, finished products and scrap. A special site in the workshop or a color-coded area on the ground should be designated for storing the above materials.

Woodworking machinery shall be equipped with local ventilation and dust receiver. The exhaust device should be installed in a place easy to maintain.

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