Woodworking machinery woodworking applications of laser cutting machine is more and more widely

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Woodworking machinery woodworking applications of laser cutting machine is more and more widely in

with the expansion of the scale of woodworking machinery industry, every industry demand for laser cutting machine products are increasing. Domestic woodworking machinery of laser cutting machine manufacturers, we need to grasp core technology ceaselessly, improve technology, improve the service quality. Relying on the university's top technology and absorbing talents at home and abroad. Produce meet high accuracy high efficiency from all walks of life to laser cutting machine.

since the reform and open policy, our country although obtained the rapid development of laser cutting machine, and especially since the 21st century, laser cutting machine manufacturer number a gusher. Gradually formed the guangdong, wuhan, Yangtze river delta and bohai rim four laser cutting machine.

though, but we are faced with the problem is still severe woodworking machinery. Domestic technology content and high quality laser cutting machine manufacturers are few, and mostly stay in low level.

compared with laser industry giants abroad, domestic laser cutting machine only rely on cheap labor and lower the cost of materials to produce the price is relatively cheap laser cutting machine, in the low-end market advantage. In the field of high-end, in addition to a handful of high-end laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine manufacturers of high-grade market almost occupied by foreign products.

the working ability of woodworking machinery and the main parameters affecting the woodworking machinery basic structure, usually in the largest size can processing. Some woodworking machinery in order to more fully expressed its size and ability to work, also need to have the second main parameters. When the main parameters by processing the maximum size of the hard, also can be used to represent the other technical parameters, such as the main parameters of microwave drying of board for badge wave power, the main parameters of mix glue machine, glue machine for the production capacity.

woodworking machinery of laser cutting machine cutting speed, high degree of diffusion resistance, the high production volume, product output cycle fast, as the customer to win the broad market.
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