Woodworking machinery woodworking planer security technology

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Woodworking machinery woodworking planer ping security technology

the fuselage:

the fuselage is the fundamental part of the machine, its effect is connection machine, each component work under load. The fuselage is commonly cast iron structure as a whole. The fuselage of the safety requirements are as follows:
( 1) Have enough stiffness, good vibration resistance and stability;
( 2) In accordance with safety and ergonomics principles. Meet the requirements of the body half stand the height of the manipulation and enough manipulation activities space;
( 3) Body shape with rounded corners and smooth surface, as far as possible to avoid the edge sharp Angle:
( 4) Structure design for convenient drafty dust removal device configuration and smooth chip removal channel.

the workbench:

the workbench is lumber planing manipulation platform, by the former, after the two pieces of work table, the guide rod ( Also known as the backer) Lifting mechanism, working table.

( 1) The functions of the parts of the workbench. Long after the short before work bedplate, guiding role, make the planing has stable plane benchmark; Short in front and higher behind both the height difference of cutting depth. Bedplate USES cast iron structure, installed on both sides of cutter axis, planing tool axis length, side near the knife shaft with a pointed piece of steel plate, forming the workbench and opening of the knife axis, damage to the steel plate, easy to repair and replacement. This area is called lip ( Also known as the plane) 。 Pits of workbench face should level off, smooth, can not have prominent, prevent the wood by phase jump, side fall and cause damage. Guide feet across between the workbench, stand on the outside of the fuselage, benchmark as a guide to the side of the wood. Lifting device can be adjusted working table height and planing openings.

( 2) Working table lifting mechanism of common eccentric shaft and inclined guide type two kinds. The lifting mechanism must be able to lock or a locking device, prevent stress after the workbench changes caused by the dangerous position themselves.

1) eccentric shaft lifting mechanism. Its structure and working principle as shown in figure 13-2, 6 to carry handle 4 through four bar linkage, casual dress in the fuselage 3 5 on the eccentric axis rotation, driven workbench within the scope of the eccentricity of mobile, so that the lift table, at the same time adjustment and knife shaft spacing.

(2) the inclined guide rail type lifting mechanism. Its structure and working principle as shown in figure 13 a 3, turn the handwheel 7 through the screw and nut 5 4, on the bench along the fuselage 8 wedge guide 3 and 6 rise or fall.

labor hygiene requirements to flat planer are as follows:
( 1) According to the vertical vibration velocity of the specified measurement conditions, adjust and control the vibration of the flat planer. Woodworking machinery flat planer vibration and structural type of the machine tool, the quality of each parts and assembly, but the main reason is the unbalanced centrifugal force knife shaft.
( 2) Flat planer idling noise sound pressure level shall not exceed 85 db, A) 。
( 3) Flat planer operation must be set between the dust collection device, ensure that dust concentration in the workplace do not more than 10 mg/m3.
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