Woodworking planer pressure safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Should be done before 1, woodworking planer pressure to start the inspection, cutting cutting can not have crack, fastening screws should be tightened, and shall not put the wood in machine tool or tools. 2, it is strictly prohibited in the woodworking planer stop completely before hanging belt stick, or hand brake. 3, woodworking planer pressure oil should be performed after parking, or constantly for narrow oil can refill. The machine's operation in case of abnormal situation, should immediately stop check processing. 4, the use of woodworking planer machining pressure damp or have a knot in the wood, should strictly control the feeding speed, it is forbidden to shove or yank. 5, woodworking planer unidirectional switch should be adopted, and shall not adopt reversing switch. Three, all should be in order to start the. 6 don't wear the gloves, the material and the material, and should stand in the side of the planer, planing quantity every time not more than 5 mm. 7, feeding should be flat. Found material go cross or stuck, should reduce downtime correct the mesa. Hard day should be slow feeding speed. When feeding the finger must leave roller to 20 cm, must work out of mesa material. 8, when the plane is short of material, the length shall not be shorter than before and after the pressure roll distance. Plane thickness less than 1 cm wood must be pad plate.
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