Woodworking planing machine safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Should be done before 1, woodworking planer machine to start the inspection, cutting cutting can not have crack, fastening screws should be tightened, and shall not be put in machine tool with wood or tools. 2, are strictly prohibited in the woodworking planer stop completely before hanging belt stick, or hand brake. 3, woodworking planer oil should be performed after parking, or constantly for narrow oil can refill. The machine's operation in case of abnormal situation, should immediately stop check processing. 4, using carpenter flat plane machining damp or have a knot in the wood, should strictly control the feeding speed, it is forbidden to shove or yank. 5, woodworking planer must have a safety protection device, otherwise it is strictly prohibited. 6, smooth plane should keep your body, hands operation. Plane bedding face, hands should press on the inclined plane; Small plane surface, the finger is not less than half of the expected high and shall not be less than 3 cm. Not after is expected to push by hand. 7, cutting amount shall not exceed 1 at a time. 5 mm, feed speed should be uniform, through the strength should be light plane mouth, shall not be above the plane blade material back. 8, thickness less than 1. 5 mm or less than 30 cm in length of wood flat plane machining shall not be used. 9, in case of knots, kung, if should slow pushing speed, must not be hand by pushing on the knot. Plane when old nails, mud, etc must be cleared away. 10, changing the blade should be cut off the power or to remove the belt. 11, at the same table planer blade weight, thickness must be consistent, tool post, plywood must be identical. Crack in blade weld beyond cutting head and cutting tools shall not be used. Tighten screw should be embedded into the groove of the blade, and from the knife back not less than 10 mm.
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