Woodworking polisher install some matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Woodworking polisher is available, so the question arises, where will he be a problem. Today, small make up to tell you. 1, first of all, it is necessary to install the scene of the earth pressure, water level and so on carries on the comprehensive analysis, it is necessary to meet the requirements of installation and usage of polishing machine, determine the installation plan. 2, install, polishing machine, please try to clean the ground, the machine is not easy to clean. 3, avoid high voltage transmission lines, when installation to avoid electricity? 吗? Polishing machine interference. 4, polishing machine, independent power supply needed to avoid sharing with other high power equipment. 5, polishing machine installation requires the installation position of relatively large, and have enough operation space is very important. 6, wet, wet, large areas of polishing machine can't normal mud salinity installation, otherwise need to consider the ventilation and drainage, and many other problems. 7, tuyere shall not install polishing machine, polishing machine when the wind can't work normally. Installing a carpenter polishing equipment, must strictly observe the regulations on the installation, otherwise it will be very trouble.
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