Woodworking polisher machinery common troubleshooting methods

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Wood material polishing machine equipment in our application in the woodworking industry is very important, but we can't avoid woodworking polisher mechanical equipment malfunction, then introduce some common faults of woodworking polishing machine mechanical equipment and solutions, hope can be some help to you. 1, carpentry materials don't turn around after the polishing machine machinery and equipment. The flap upper limit switch is not in place, adjust the flap on the cylinder limit switch, wooden door paint polishing machine, until the appropriate location. 2, press the button after the operation, the plate cylinder. Wood compression limit switch is not in place. Adjust the position of the limit switch. 3, run after compression wood in place after pushing company no. 1) Check the wood pressure limit switch. 2) Check electromagnetic valve of hydraulic press. 4, 4. According to the actual need to adjust the distance between the leveling saw. 5, according to the actual need to adjust the saws with baffle distance, meet the requirements of plate width. 6, frame height should be consistent with the height of the fall. 7, adjust the brush glue machine with double rack highly consistent.
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