Woodworking polishing machine equipment installation need to pay attention to what?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
The hands of woodworking polishing machine equipment to buy, then the problem is coming, and where to put him into the is a problem. Today, small make up to tell you. 1. First need to analyze the installation location of soil pressure, water level, etc, must satisfy the requirement of the polishing machine installation can determine the installation plan. 2. Installation when polishing machine to clean up the ground, as far as possible to avoid machine installation very not easy to clean. 3. Installation to avoid high voltage transmission lines, sanding machine video, avoiding interference to the electronic polishing machine. 4. Need to have an independent power supply, avoid sharing with other high-power electrical appliances. 5. Polishing machine installation requires relatively spacious installation site, vertical dynamic sanding machine, it is important to have enough operation space. 吗? 吗? 6. More rain, moisture, salt and other regions to install polishing machine will not ordinary mud, otherwise you need to consider many problems such as ventilation and drainage. 7. Installation of polishing machine can not install it on the tuyere, otherwise when wind, polishing machine will not operate well. Woodworking polisher mechanical equipment installation must strictly observe the regulations on the installation, otherwise out of the question very troublesome.
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