Woodworking precision push table saw machine and cutting board saw common failures and solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Unable to start up a. Grid interrupts or a phase or a few phase b. Not the total power switch c. May be due to the quality of power supply, tripping, overload protection, thermal relay has not been cooling cannot reset d. E operating circuit fuse damaged. According to the urgent stop, stop button does not reset f. Such as hear the motor rotating saw blade is not a rotation. Waiting for the power grid to restore power or good rejoin the phase line b. The total power switch to 'ON' position c. Solve the quality of power supply; Solve the problem of machine overload, waiting for the thermal relay cooling reset shut off the main power switch locked in advance and find out which fuse damage, find out the reason, troubleshooting, to replace a fuse of the same load e. Turn the pop-up will stop button mushrooms and head to the right, in f. Check whether have good and adjust automatically halt a belt machine tool in cutting process. (one or several phase power is cut off Such as the blown fuse) b。 As a result of saw blade is too dull or feed speed too fast, overload protection tripping c. Operating circuit fuse damaged a. The reason of power out of phase with starting machine b. Replace the saw blade or lower feed speed, thermal relay cools, restart d. Shut off the main power switch locked in advance, in which the fuse is damaged, find out the reasons, troubleshooting, to replace the same load fuse when starting to hear serious skid screams between motor and saw shaft transmission belt is too loose to tensioning belt sawing normal rhythmic sound of the motor and saw shaft drive belt is too loose or belt is damaged to zhang or replace a new belt and transmission belt tensioning sawing feed I couldn't move or artifacts are demanding a. B saw blade is too dull. Guide rail is too dirty or dust, sawdust, resin glue on the guide rail a. Replace the saw blade b. Cleaning, maintenance of mobile push machine tool with noise and dust accumulated too much cleaning, maintenance of machine tools freely activities within the beam box twitch doesn't swing arm swing arm and activities within the box beam is too much dust on swing arm, improper roller changes within cleaning, maintenance of machine tools, and check the dust brush adjusting roller to the appropriate location is not allowed by the size of the longitudinal guide rod sawing longitudinal displacement of rod position happened around to adjust the vertical scale about position and tighten with the size of the horizontal guide rod sawing are not allowed to cross a guide or horizontal displacement of rod position happened around to adjust the horizontal ruler or horizontal staff about the position and tighten the plank after saw a diagonal dimension error is too big. Longitudinal guide rod and the saw blade is not parallel to the b. Horizontal guide rod and a saw blade is not vertical. Adjust the vertical scale and b of saw blade in parallel. Adjust the horizontal guide rod and the vertical saw blade plate appear above the critical edge after a. The main saw blade is too dull, saw little b. The main plank too little c higher than that of saw blade. Plank poor quality, blunt saw a soon. B to replace the saw blade. Increase the main saw blade c. With less impurity, high quality board saw the plank appear below critical edge after a. Deputy saw blade is too dull b. Deputy saw width is not enough, is too narrow c. Lord, vice center line of the saw blade is not overlap a. B to replace the saw blade. C in saw blade or increase the saw blade thickness. Readjust vice around saw sawing position after charred traces of a plate. Saw blade is too dull, too much on the saw blade serrate b. A too high or feed speed is very slow. Replace the saw blade, select the appropriate saw blade b. Select the appropriate speed and feed speed at the top of the artifacts were deputy saw sawing up the phenomenon of a. Deputy saw blade is too dull b. A deputy saw blade rise too high. Replace the saw blade b. Appropriate to reduce pair of saw blade height
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