Woodworking production development situation analysis of nc lathe in the near future

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Still more hot in recent years the development of nc industry, especially in the computer industry, under the lead of our woodworking CNC lathe industry development prospects are relatively good. The development of China's manufacturing industry is very rapid, with incredible speed of the machine tool industry is among them step machine tool manufacturer in the world. Bring the school behind the boom has more brilliant fact: China's machine tool consumption amounted to $5. 6 billion, first in the world. But over the past few years continue to decline, in machine tool market strong but all the year round and now seasonal more apparent than machine tool sales. Machine tool sales and hardware etc. There is a big difference. Explained the personage inside course of study, machine tool sales and the expansion of enterprise has a lot to do, most general enterprise scale or at the beginning of this year at the end of the year, so this time become a machine tool sales season. Overall trend for 2013 machine tools industry, the industry, the industry is likely to be low after high trend: first one is in early 2012 industry index base is relatively high; Second, since September 2012 has climbed from month to month, will enter the adjustment; Three is the market of inventory digestion period; Fourth, seasonal factors. This is the main reason for the 'low'. 'But the macroeconomic fundamentals remain positive, expected after a lower stage, vertical milling machine tool industry economic trends will slow recovery. In recent years the development of the form is good, the production technology is also in further improvement. Quietly looking forward to the numerical control industry development.
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