Woodworking sander airbags in the position and role of sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Airbags application in the second sand of the sanding machine frame, two rollers, middle, polishing effect, should use a lot, especially the domestic equipment. Sander airbag sanding pad ( The patent number: CN97233339. 8) , belong to sanding machine accessories, products for pressure grinding plate combination of sanding machine. The portfolio is made up of clamp frame and laid him in a box of airbag cushion, shock absorption layer ( Use felt more mat or sponge cushion) As well as the package of graphite cloth outside them. Mainly used for sanding machine mo cut uneven surface, expand the purpose of the sanding machine. I plant production of airbag cushion common size is as follows: 1, 75 * 1360 * 10 mm; 2, 75 * 1400 * 10 mm all sanding machine sanding machine airbag, different sanding machine bag is different, not only the quality of the material is different, including the location of what is not the same, is for the use of airbags sanding machine, the different sanding machine bag is not the same, so use up is different, the airbag gas when playing different mechanical sanding machine airbag added a valve switch is in this way is more convenient to operate.
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