Woodworking sander operating instructions

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Machinery in the development and production of woodworking sanding machine equipment more than 20 years, has a very rich experience, products all over the country and exported to overseas. In this paper, we will to woodworking sander operating instructions accordingly. One, before operating equipment is necessary to have deep knowledge of the function of the equipment, the use and pay attention to matters such as operation, dilettante stop computer operating separately. The relevant personnel shall not come near the machine. Second, the operator shall not wear easily involved in clothes (by a machine Such as tie, collar, loose clothing, etc. ) Long hair, please roll up your hair or wear caps, stop wearing gloves machine operation. Three, do not arbitrarily dismantled equipment safety device, the worktable is placed work store items, such as wrench, avoid the damage of foreign bodies stuck in the machine. Four, open the carpenter sand before the optical source, it is necessary to admit that all switches in the OFF position. Before work, check the degree of clean, sharp abrasive belt, check the direction of abrasive belt device is accurate ( Abrasive belt with arrow pointing with rubber wheel steering) Swing, abrasive belt standard is applicable, abrasive belt is moderate, abrasive belt tightness is moderate, rail transport belt job is a moderate, carrying an elastic is moderate, cutter blade device is accurate and robust. Five, the protecting cover all shall not be removed before processing, it is necessary to determine the standard of lumber is within the machine and work planning, adjusting thickness precision processing, wood too thick, will cause shipping with jammed, craze, the device can be used for only unifor thickness of wood sanding, cannot be applied to the level of the wood bending correction work, triangle, diamond, and circular arc form wood are not processing, is bound to be aware of the workpiece can be such as metal accessories, avoid damaging the machine. Six, in normal operation, please feel free to take care of the ammeter electric load and avoid jumping machine by machine overload or bear the sandpaper, abrasive belt split, or cracking, etc. Remedy: 1, slow down the speed of the sand band; 2, the replacement of sand in the coarse sand paper; 3, the rubber wheel or sanding platen bearing rise again some sand to reduce the quantity of light. Seven, the operator is working, workpiece once in transporting take hands will immediately from that place in carrying on workpiece wants even, make the abrasive belt and rubber wheel force uniform, avoid uneven wear, shorten the use of abrasive belt and rubber wheel life spans. Eight, wood sanding machine surface adjustment using computer digital elevator controller, operation adjustment mesa stop beyond controller adjust planning, not to manually adjust the mesa height, avoid to cause mesa tilt or elevator controller data error; Transport belt CVT adjusting speed, speed to adjust the machine work. Nine, work over, it is necessary to clean, inside the machine, please tidy up inside, it is necessary to remove the sand paper, at the end of the stay up, then put sand paper. Suggest the abrasive belt to relax after work, avoid abrasive belt when tight situation that gradually slack for a long time. Ten, new employees is necessary to practice the rear can operate the machine, and before the staff did not fully understand the machine function, is bound to have older workers with work, don't separate operation. Operator first shutdown is necessary for things to from jobs to eradicate in operation with words. Eleven, woodworking sander work disorder, should stop namely professional repair, repair to ensure the supply disconnected. When machine repair, replacement parts, it is necessary to block the power supply. Twelve, before coming off work, clean up the machine around the sawdust is necessary, stockpile of sawdust, is not allowed on the machine and the usual maintenance work. 13, woodworking sander for someone special machinery, the operator to stop the boot operation, stubborn operator consequences swellhead consequences.
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