Woodworking sander operating specifications

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Safe operation is the chief problem of industrial production, but is often a lot of woodworking sander operating veterans will ignore the importance of this problem, in order to be able to let everybody pay more attention to this problem, small make up to the same again clear specification of woodworking sander operating rules. First: wood sanding machine in the process of operation must wear protective glasses, helmets and protective appliance, because in the process of running sand disc, grinding wheel, abrasive belt, grinding wheel, at any time the possibility of fracture and crack, in order to protect the self must be strictly observed. Second: if the equipment is running, the hands and feet is absolutely can't touch abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel of dangerous parts. Third: for those without any protective measures of wood sanding machine for equipment maintenance personnel to install, otherwise the operator cannot be used. Fourth: when a device on sanding will produce a lot of dust, operators need to wear masks to protect self. Fifth: equipment installation personnel as far as possible will equipment installed in a dry and ventilated, without direct eye position. Sixth: when adjustment in automatic sanding machine, when using, need to configure the dust removal equipment, otherwise there will be many chances of breakdowns, and damage equipment and affect our normal production. Seven: wheeled woodworking sander at runtime must confirm accurate operation direction of the grinding wheel. Caution is ten thousand ship, safe from specification careful operation, hope everybody standardized operation, safe production!
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