Woodworking sander sand belt running deviation occurs?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
In the use of wood sanding machine, have you ever met abrasive belt running deviation phenomenon? What is the cause of the abrasive belt running deviation? Next, small make up hua sheng machinery to explain for everybody. Abrasive belt running deviation is commonly due to improper adjustment, abrasive belt normal oscillation amplitude should be swing for 15 20 mm, swing frequency of 15 - 20 times/min, the pendulum and put into the pose moderate speed. If a state of abnormal operation, time grows, can appear running deviation phenomenon, especially the speed into pose, are more likely to cause abnormal downtime phenomenon; Damage of photoelectric switch, electromagnetic valve damage, damage of swinging cylinder cylinder. Aspiration, high dust concentration will affect the normal cell, also cause sand belt running deviation; Should be timely replacement of damaged parts, to improve dust removal effect.
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