Woodworking saw know how much precision

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Saw the host of precision parts including lathe bed, table, buttock transverse guide, master saw, sawing line, transmission parts, etc. Structure and working principle with ordinary circular saw machine is the same, and can be used as ordinary circular saw machine alone. Saw the main structure of precision is to use two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and crossed blades. When for cutting, marking, ahead of cutting in the processing base of panel saw first draw a depth of 1 ~ 2 mm, width is thicker than the main saw blade is 0. 1 to 0. 2 mm groove, in order to ensure the main saw blade cutting edge curf don't tear, in order to gain better cutting quality. Crossed blades smaller diameter, usually about 120 mm, driven by a separate motor. The saw blade rotation speed generally in more than 9000 r/min, cutting speed of 56 ~ 60 m/s. Request line saw blade aligned with the main saw blade in the same vertical plane. The diameter of the main saw blade & amp; 8943; As for 300-400 mm, the main motor through the triangle belt transmission. According to the main saw blade diameter and processing board material is different, the main variable speed saw blade can use cone, cone gear structure is simple, is a constant power output, more conform to the actual needs of the wood processing. The power of main motor is commonly 4 ~ 9 kw. To make easy speed regulation adopts special triangle, guarantee with single belt will be able to meet the required power of transmission. The speed of the main saw blade is commonly 3000 ~ 6000 r/min, the main saw blade with crossed saw blade spacing generally about 1 oomm. Push Taiwan saw another main structure is crossed saw blade and the saw blade, push with your hand carrying processed plate made of aluminum table before and after the movement, cutting processing. Due to guide the mining of moving workbench j special structure, so the manual push into to light energy, and a high machining accuracy. Precision cutting rice saw most of the lathe bed mining yong for 5 ~ 6 mm thickness of steel plate welding and become, stable and beautiful, can ensure the cutting processing of early not tilt and torsion deformation fixed workbench fixed on the top of the bed, sichuan castings, level off, no deformation, and is equipped with longitudinal guide and its regulating mechanism.
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