Woodworking tools in the process of using did you do there?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Whether modern numerical control woodworking lathe or wood lathe, instruments must be used in the process of processing wood is woodworking cutting tools. The stand or fall of woodworking tool directly affect the efficiency and quality of materials. If the tool is not sharp or was not installed good will affect the whole process of using, so woodworking tools are what we most need to care about the problem, so in the process of the use of numerical control woodworking lathe you have noticed that some knowledge of the following, if you didn't notice that here we have made the detailed steps. We are able to understand by learning. Work tool operation notice: 1, mechanical equipment should have good performance, equipped with safety guards spindle swing and beating. 2, paring knife must choose the appropriate size of the jacket, those who have the cross section, not enough round, worn and inner hole of a jacket with a taper is unable to provide enough clamping force, must be replaced immediately jacketed otherwise it will cause the handle vibration, fly off or break. 3, tool shank and jacket should be good contact, the handle must be fully inserted into the jacket, tightening and firm, clamping and found the handle when the handle diameter of contact trace uneven, or have groove, the description have slip case and jacketed inner hole deformation, clamp should be replaced immediately. 4, installation tools, make sure the cutting tool cutting direction with the main shaft running in the same direction, if in the opposite direction, will cause the blades split and other accidents. 5 before, processing, make sure the machine no ahead, then idling, look for vibration machine, cutting tool for axial and radial run-out vision 6, when the cutting tool use is blunt, please do not continue to use, if continue processing, can increase the cutting force of blade, and thereby exceeding the capacity of the blade, tool rupture or producing operation accident. Woodworking tool maintenance: 1, maintain the cleanness of the cutting tool, use standard industrial special solvents to remove dirt, wood, resin and other sundry. 2, apply an appropriate amount of oil can prevent the tool surface rust and damage. 3, do not do STH without authorization knife tools and change the configuration of the cutting tool, otherwise it is easy to cause of blade fracture, produce inductrial injury accident. 4, bearing cannot use diesel oil or kerosene solvent cleaning, otherwise it will damage the inside of the special grease, available blowing dust gun to remove dust and dirt. 5, bearing each 2 - After 3 hours, should add a little oil, this can prolong the service life of bearing. 6, not smooth rotating bearing needs to be changed immediately, the bad screw nut, screw, washer needs to be changed in time. Through on in the face of numerical control woodworking tool use and maintenance, you must have learned a lot of knowledge, must pay attention to in the process of production after the operation and maintenance of a tool, so that when we in the production of wood products can improve the work efficiency.
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