Woodworking tools use operation have?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Woodworking CNC lathe is only to be able to use the handy with good cutting tool, cutting tool is to extent affect the process in the use of wood quality. Right time and skills to make the items in the processing of a smooth surface, high precision, on the contrary if the tool's improper use not only the waste wood, also affect the processing quality of wooden parts. Here we mainly look at the tool using the operating. Paring knife must choose the appropriate size of the jacket, those who have the cross section, not enough round, worn and inner hole of a jacket with a taper is unable to provide enough clamping force, must be replaced immediately jacketed otherwise it will cause the handle vibration, fly off or break. Tool petiole and jacket should be good contact, the handle must be fully inserted into the jacket, tightening and firm, clamping and found the handle when the handle diameter of contact trace uneven, or have groove, the description have slip case and jacketed inner hole deformation, clamp should be replaced immediately. The installation tool, make sure tool cutting direction and main shaft running in the same direction, if in the opposite direction, will cause the blades split and other accidents. Before processing, make sure the machine no ahead, then idling, look for vibration machine, cutting tool for axial and radial run-out vision 6, when the tool use is blunt, please do not continue to use, if continue processing, can increase the cutting force of blade, thereby exceeding the capacity of the blade, tool fracture or produce work accident. When cutting depth is greater than the edge cutting cutting thickness, the edge parts in contact with the workpiece can produce high temperature, tool steel body deformation, cause of cutting tool fracture, even work accident. All these points above are our problems should be noticed in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, in future we should pay attention to during the process of production use, in addition to the tool correct installation and use of the tool we should also be on in a certain period to maintain it.
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