work starts on stations, tracks for eglinton-crosstown lrt

by:Gewinn     2019-09-09
On Monday morning, part of a huge boring machine was pulled out from under Toronto Street, marking Eglinton-
Light rail project in Crosstown.
Now the work starts to build the station and lay the track on the new railway
Carved underground passage. The $5. 3-
As one of the largest construction projects in the province\'s history, the billion LRT project was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020, but the date has been postponed to 2021.
Metrolinx Transportation Authority spokeswoman Anne Marie Akins said Monday that work is in progress before this deadline.
After ten years of construction, along the new route of Eglington Avenue.
It is expected that 25 stations will be connected to dozens of bus lines, several subway stations and bus lines.
In order to start pulling a tunnel machine on the ground, traffic on Eglinton Ave stopped briefly. near Yonge St.
Round large pieces of 10-1metre long, 6. 5-400 wide-
A large crane then carried out tons of digging behemoth.
The work belongs to a machine called \"Don\", one of the four tunnel equipment dug under the city streets in the project.
On last August, Tang completed its 3. 3-
Since September 2015, starting at the brentcliffe Road, a kilometer has been dug at the North LRT tunnel.
A Metrolinx spokesman said the tunnel was finished earlier than expected, so it decided to leave the machines underground until a convenient time to get them out. (
It says there is no cost to wait to do so. )
The excavation of tunnel machinery is not only a witness \"spectacle\", but also a visual reminder of the progress of the project, Akins said.
\"We know the community has gone through a lot and they continue to go through a lot,\" Aikins said . \".
\"They were affected.
You can\'t build the country\'s largest transit project without disruption, one of the largest transit projects in North America. We know that.
The construction of 15 subway stations is already underway, says Akins.
John Brown, who is in charge of leading the excavation work of the project, said that the work is very standard for the excavation project, but the network\'s position in the center of the city makes things more challenging.
\"More is the location.
\"The feat itself may have done a lot in mining operations where no one is around,\" Brown said . \".
\"This is a city problem.
We are almost at the junction of Yonge and Eglinton, so this part makes it more interesting and more like a feat.
The tunnel part of the project is challenging, but \"very successful,\" he said \".
The removed \"Don\" will be sent to the storage area on Monday night.
The remaining tunnel rigs \"Humber\", \"Lea\" and \"Dennis\" are expected to be lifted from the ground in the coming months.
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