World's largest robot found in Milwaukee factory

by:Gewinn     2022-06-01
The world's largest robot is in Milwaukee, but those who want to get a glimpse of this tech giant need to act fast. This robot can lift an 800-pound motorcycle with accuracy and ease. 'You can't help but be amazed, quite frankly! It's really big,' says James Schneberger of New Berlin Plastics. This behemoth is in ExactAutomation in Milwaukee, and it was purchased from Fanuc. The robot arrived last November, but before that, ExactAutomation did a lot of prep work. 'We had to inject new concrete into the building. The robot was too big, so we had to inject 100,000 pounds of concrete to give it a solid base,' said Jim Mevis, CEO of ExactAutomation. This giant robot weighs 26,000 pounds and is surprisingly large! 'It has to make one wonder what's in there,' Schneberger said. 'How big are those motors to get this behemoth moving?' All six-axis robots on the market now and will be used on one of the Midwest company's production lines. 'A lot of people might not realize that there are a lot of companies doing this kind of work in Milwaukee,' Mevis said. 'It's really a blue-collar place, but in the center of Milwaukee, we're really bringing in tech and doing something really cool. The number of robots is also increasing due to better understanding of robots, Mevis said. 'Five to 10 years, people will be accustomed to working side-by-side with the robot,' he said. Over the next two weeks, the robot will be shipped to a company in Illinois to replace the crane's job, where the operator will Get training on how to use the robot.
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