world\'s longest rail tunnel opens in switzerland

by:Gewinn     2019-09-10
The world\'s longest train tunnel was officially opened in Switzerland nearly 70 years after its original design.
The 57-kilometer Gaud Base Tunnel in Switzerland extends from Eastfield in the central state of Uri to Bodio in the southern state of tichino.
In 1947, Swiss engineer Carl Edward Glenner first drew a rough design of the railway tunnel under Gotthard Pass.
But bureaucratic delays, worries about costs and other obstacles have delayed the start of work until 1999.
More than 17 years later, this morning, a long journey was carried out through the godehad base tunnel.
After the full opening on December, the tunnel will shorten the train travel time from Zurich to Milan in northern Italy to two hours and 40 minutes, about an hour less than it currently has.
The new route also aims to improve the efficiency of railway freight.
Partly by supporting heavier cargo, this should reduce the amount of diesel
Large trucks driving on the road have improved traffic and reduced pollution.
According to the Swiss Federal Railway service, the number of daily rail passengers is expected to increase from the current 9,000 to 15,000 in 2020.
EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc last week called the new tunnel \"a gift for Europe\" and will become \"an important link to Rotterdam \"(and)
Antwerp has the port of the Adriatic Sea \".
The Gotthard project is largely possible due to advances in tunnel technology
Replace boring machines with expensive and dangerous explosionsand-drill method.
The main machine used to make the Gotthard tunnel is about 410 long and functions similar to the mobile factory.
It passes through the rock and throws debris back while placing the pre-
A concrete section forming the shape of a tunnel.
A separate system combines these components together.
According to the Swiss railway service, it takes 43,800 hours
125 workers worked in shifts, laying flat track for tunnels.
When it is officially opened, it will surpass Japan\'s top 53.
The subway tunnel is the longest train tunnel in the world. The 50.
The five-kilometer tunnel connecting Britain and France will be hit third.
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