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yale senior dies in machine shop accident


A Yale senior student was killed in an accident at the chemical lab\'s machine workshop late Tuesday or early Wednesday, officials at the Connecticut school said.
Michelle Dufour from Massachusetts is working on a project in the machine store at Sterling chemical lab, and her hair is stuck with the lathe, this is a machine that shapes materials by rotating the materials to tools Richard C. , president of Yale University.
Levin said in an email
Mailing statement
Levin said her body was found by other students working in the building.
Kathy Wilson, an investigator at the state\'s chief forensic office in Connecticut, said the cause of death was suffocation caused by neck compression, which was accidental.
According to the chemistry department\'s website, the machine store at Yale Labs is a place where students can build or modify research instruments.
\"The university has programs to train students before they use power equipment.
Nevertheless, I have begun a thorough review of the safety policies and practices of laboratories, machine shops and other facilities with electrical equipment, which are accessed and operated by undergraduates, \"Levin
Levin\'s statement does not say whether Dufault was alone in the machine shop at the time of the accident.
On Wednesday, Tom Conroy, a Yale spokesman, called for additional comments, but did not respond.
Due to the accident, the laboratory was closed on Wednesday and the course for the day of the laboratory was canceled.
Levin said he met with Dufault\'s parents on Wednesday and that her parents will return to campus for a memorial service before the end of the semester.
According to CNN affiliate WTNH, Dufault, a major in astronomy and physics, scitate from Massachusetts, will graduate next month.
Dufour, Levin said, \"is also very interested in oceanology and intends to work in this area after graduation . \".
\"She is a passionate saxophone player from Yale and (Yale\'s)
Levin said: \"The community of Saybrook College.
Jeremy Lent, a friend of Dufault, told CNN league reporters that she was \"one of the most pleasant and kind people\"
Enthusiastic and generous (people).
\"No one is worth what happened to her,\" Lent said . \".                                                                            

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