Yamazaki Mazak assembles high-speed 5-axis machining center with linear and DD motors

by:Gewinn     2022-05-24
Yamazaki MaZaK developed the 'HYPER VARIAXIS 630In the workpiece cutting controlled by synchronous 5-axis, the rapid feed rate is increased and the total processing time is shortened. Linear motors are used on the X (body lateral)/Y (body depth direction)/Z (body vertical direction) axes, increasing the rapid feed speed to 80m/min. In contrast to the previous combined use of a ball screw and a normal motor, the rapid traverse speed was 40m/min, and the speed was doubled. In addition to the increased rapid traverse rate by using the DD motor, the machining accuracy can also be improved because of its high rigidity and no backlash. The workpieces to be processed are parts such as impellers and auto parts used in aircraft and power generation equipment. It can process workpieces with a diameter of 730 × height (length) of 500 mm and a weight of less than 500 kg. The price is 45.2 million yen (excluding tax). It is said to have been sold to European companies that process auto parts.
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