Yamazaki Mazak will carry out intelligence to the end

by:Gewinn     2022-05-24
As a leading company in the international machine tool industry, Yamazaki Mazak has the responsibility to further promote intelligent technology and user experience in China, upgrade and optimize the structure of products for the industrial layout of the industry, and promote the upgrading and intelligence of machine tool technology Development contributes our due strength. 'On May 17, 2013, Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony. In the speech of the ceremony, Mr. Dong Qingfu, the general manager, said excitedly, 'As the world of Yamazaki Mazak Group The opening of the 10th intelligent factory within the scope, the establishment of the Liaoning factory will not only meet the needs of the Chinese market, but also play a huge role in promoting Yamazaki Mazak's global layout, and its significance is beyond doubt. According to reports, the Liaoning factory opened this time is Yamazaki Mazak Group's second intelligent factory in China after the Little Giant Company established in Yinchuan, Ningxia, China in 2000. China has also become the second intelligent factory of Yamazaki Mazak. The country has the largest number of factories outside of Japan, so its importance to Yamazaki Mazak Co., Ltd. is self-evident. All Yamazaki Mazak production plants around the world have built a unified standard of quality. Management system. The so-called 'Mazak International Production Model' refers to the quality management system of the world's unified standards for the production of high-quality products in Yamazaki Mazak's global production system. 'The Mazak Liaoning Factory opened this time. Obviously this quality management system is also implemented. Its products are assembled by highly-trained staff, using Mazak's own cutting-edge equipment to process parts and components, and go through quality inspections in accordance with the world's unified standards before leaving the factory. During the celebration, Mr. Yamazaki Tomohisa, President of Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool Co., Ltd., said, 'As a member of the Mazak Group, the Liaoning factory has also introduced the intelligence of the latest processing equipment at the same level as other Mazak factories around the world. chemical plant. ” In other words, the Liaoning factory, which has been in line production from raw materials, has introduced a state-of-the-art automation system in the processing area that can perform high-precision machining and flexibly respond to changes in production volume. It is equipped with a gantry multi-faceted, The FMS of the 5-axis machining machine is equipped with a mixed-line FMS of the combined machining machine and the horizontal machining center. In addition, it is equipped with an ultra-high-precision horizontal machining center that can perform high-precision boring machining such as the spindle unit. The grinding process is carried out in the clean ultra-precision parts processing area where the temperature is strictly controlled. In the factory tour after the celebration, it is not difficult to find that the products currently processed by the Liaoning factory are mainly the VERTICAL CENTER SMART series in the SMART series Vertical machining center and QUICK TURN SMART series CNC lathes. According to the staff, this series of products has the characteristics of excellent mechanical performance, high cost performance, small size and environmental protection, which can bring users the greatest return on business investment. As for product quality, Yamazaki President Tomohisa said: SMART series products, as a new generation of world standard machines, are produced in factories around the world according to unified drawings. Mazak has established strict quality standards from development to production and inspection. Only Only machines that meet this standard will be sold to users. So 'the Liaoning factory produces the same as what Mazak produces worldwide. Regarding the topic of comparison between the products of the Liaoning factory and the products of the Little Giant Company that everyone is concerned about, Dong Qingfu, general manager, said: 'The products of the two factories are complementary and there is no competition. From the perspective of serving customers, it can only be better. Comprehensive and convenient. And in the long run, the Liaoning factory will introduce the production of high-end CNC lathes and precision laser processing machines in the future, so as to further meet the needs of the domestic market. The opening of Yamazaki Mazak's Liaoning factory is only a further demonstration of our production in China and global development. While we 'listen to the voice of customers with our heart'
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