You know the application of full automatic linear edge banding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
A brief introduction of the application of full automatic linear edge banding machine, edge banding homework is an important process of board type furniture manufacturing process. Sealing side quality directly affects the quality of the product, price, and class. Through the sealing side, is a good way to improve the appearance quality of furniture, furniture to avoid edges of damage in the process of transport and use, cover layer is lifted or peeling off, at the same time can have waterproof, closed the action such as the release of harmful gases and reduce deformation, but also can beautify the furniture, cheerful mood. Board type furniture production enterprise to use the raw material is main particleboard, MDF and other man-made board, chooses mainly PVC edge banding, polyester, melamine and wood, etc. Different materials and specifications of the devices using different sealing side edge banding. Now furniture production enterprises use sealing side of machine, there are mainly manual straight curve edge banding machine and automatic linear edge banding machine. Manual sealing side machine structure is simple, its installation, use and maintenance is relatively easy; Due to the complexity of structure and full automatic linear edge banding machine, the manufacture of high precision, the price is expensive, in use process happen one way or the other problems. Therefore, installation, debugging, a full automatic linear edge banding machine, is to keep its long-term stable working status and complete the important guarantee of high quality sealing side work. Now everybody scope of application of fully automatic machine of linear sealing side there is a certain understanding. A: on the simple introduction to the structure of the woodworking band saw next article: teach you woodworking drilling machine maintenance method
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