a history of cookies

by:Gewinn     2019-09-16
Milton\'s biscuit factory is an organization of Milton. it is sold by a family that has operated for 63 years. with it, the fate of cookies will change, the cookies, called hard sticky cookies, support many sailors and Civil War soldiers.
The buyer is a catering company whose identity will not be revealed until about three weeks of sales have ended.
James Pierotti, Son of Boss Eugene Pierotti
He said he did not know if the deli would be temporarily closed between the owners.
His son says the 79-year-old pyeloti, who is about to retire, lives in Hanover and enjoys his Labrador puppy, carpentry, gardening and possibly raising chickens.
\"He wants to see his grandson play T-
Said James Pierotti.
No family of three-
Brothers and SistersEugene Jr.
Mary and James-
Hope to undertake family business.
\"But I can say that they will continue to provide the existing deli, catering and baking services in Bent,\" said James Pierotti, financial advisor.
It is not clear whether the new owners will continue to produce 207-year-
The original product of the old company, a dense flour and water biscuit that does not need to be refrigerated, is the pillar of the Maritime navigation and later civil war forces.
Or mail-
Ordered today by Civil War enthusiasts
University History Department and campers.
For sale in February.
Through Daniel J. Flynn & Co.
In Quincy, the building and business value reached $700,000.
\"Having done the job in such a short period of time, we got the full price, which is amazing,\" said pielotti . \". The 10,000-square-
Walking building 7 Pleasant Street
Including one outside Highway 28.
Deli and cafe on the second floor
Baked kitchen on the third floor
Home and office space.
Bent\'s was listed on the National Historic Site in 2001.
Little known is that at the end of the 19 th century, the two bending family biscuit companies competed with each other for about 20 years, according to historian and Sinham writer James Pierotti.
The first business was the curved biscuit factory, which opened in Milton Highland Street in 1801, moved to Elliott Street in the late 1880 s, and in 1982, the Time Life recipe published its first water biscuit on cookies and biscuits.
The company, created by descendants of Josia bent, was later acquired by the National Biscuit Company known as Nabisco, but eventually closed down. Its family-
The shop that changed hands now is G. H.
Bent opened on 1891 at its current delightful Street site.
Founded by Josia Bent\'s grandson, George Henry bent, the company became one of the largest biscuit manufacturers and wholesalers to supply Keebler, SS Pierce, R. H.
Macy\'s, Sunshine cookies and Great Northern Railway.
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